Janitorial Services - A Few Tips for Hiring the Right Ones



Janitorial and cleaning services are very popular in large metropolitan areas because of the high volume of traffic and employees. Janitorial companies often provide more services at a higher rate than their office cleaning counterparts. janitorial services consist of small and sometimes daily cleaning jobs, while larger commercial cleaning firms usually offer larger tasks that are performed once or twice a year, such as deep carpet cleaning. For instance, regular and deep carpet cleaning is often a part of janitorial services, whereas deep and regular cleaning of tile floors is usually done only once or twice a year.
When hiring janitorial services for your commercial property, it is important to know the type of job they will be doing. Many janitors work in residential areas, but others have specialized cleaning talents. If you are going to be hiring an individual with specialized commercial cleaning skills, make sure you let your janitor know what type of commercial job he or she will be handling. For instance, a carpet cleaner may only be hired for carpet cleaning, but not for tile or stone cleaning. Always hire an experienced commercial janitorial service company so that your floors are kept clean and dry at all times.
Do some research and find out exactly what the janitorial services company is capable of doing for you. For instance, if you need your office space swept and mopped weekly, inquire about a weekly sweeping and mop removal schedule. The price may vary depending on the number of offices in your building, how many floors the company has to cover, and the size of the offices. The janitorial service should also be able to clean individual offices according to your specific schedule. In larger office spaces, they should be able to do the job fast and efficiently without wasting any time or resources.
Many janitorial services companies offer services like trash and emptying trash bins, as well as office cleaning, floor and window cleaning, and emptying trash containers. If you are looking for regular cleaning services, ask if they also provide bathroom cleaning and sanitary cleaning. If they only offer commercial cleaning services, make sure that they can clean your restrooms and kitchens regularly, as well as the rest of the building regularly.
When you contract with a janitorial service company, you should ask about the training and experience of their janitors. This is very important, as experienced janitors will likely perform a better job than inexperienced janitors. They should also be knowledgeable about the prevention of germs, such as keeping the bathrooms clear of clutter and dust, and wiping down surfaces after every use. Most janitors should also be familiar with your policies, such as no televisions, iPods, or computers in the waiting areas. Additionally, they should know the proper ways to clean floors, windows, and other surfaces. If the janitorial services you hire are not familiar with your policies, ask them to explain them to you before you begin hiring their janitors.
Regularly, your janitors should also pick up the trash and empty trash containers. Ask them to go a few days without picking up the trash, just in case the building needs a quick trash pickup. Finally, you should be sure to ask your janitors to come and clean the rest of the building regularly, so that there is no buildup of grime or mess. By following these simple rules, you will be able to keep your workplace clean and comfortable. Learn the benefits of hiring professional cleaning services on this related post: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/5-ways-your-small-busines_1_b_11866268
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